Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 7 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday: 9 - 10 am & 2 - 4 pm

Doggie Daycare:

Monday through Friday
7 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday (June, July & August only)
9 am to 4:00 pm

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Holiday Hours

Note: You will be charged for the day of entry regardless of time of entry. Check out time Monday-Saturday is 11:00 am and Sunday is 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Pets checked out after these hours will be charged for that day. Check-in and check-out times may vary during holiday periods. Prices subject to change.

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Boarding at the Cape Cod Pet Resort



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Boarding, Daycare & Grooming Price List

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We at the Cape Cod Pet Resort are very proud of our custom-designed facility and we provide a very happy, clean, safe, spacious and luxurious environment for your pet. We have a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system that provides a fresh, healthy atmosphere for all guests. For safety measures, we have an elaborate smoke, motion and door alarm system which provides added protection for our guests.

Our staff is professionally trained to ensure that all guests are fed properly, administered their medicines and kept in a clean and healthy environment. Piped in soothing music is provided to help better relax our guests.

All indoor and outdoor areas are washed with a chlorinator that kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae.

We welcome you to visit so that you'll better appreciate the loving care your pet will receive while under our care.



Dog Boarding Suites
Boarding, Daycare & Grooming Price List

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We offer 3 different size suites for our guests. All have inside tempered glass doors so they
can enjoy the company of their fellow pets and observe the activities of our dedicated staff.



VIP Suite

Our largest suite, 8 X 10 feet inside with a door leading to a private, covered 8 X 10 foot outside patio where your pet can exercise and enjoy some Cape Cod fresh air. Other than when the weather is inclement the suite door connecting with the patio is kept open so your pet can come and go as they please. The VIP Suite is aslo big enough to accommodate 2, 3 or more pets. Suites are provided with soft Karunda beds and Toddler beds with a mattress for luxurious resting. A webcam is also available for one VIP so you can watch your pet while you are away.


Large Luxury

Our next size suite is 8 X 8 feet inside and 8 X 8 feet outside and has the same amenities as our VIP suites including a door leading to the outdoor patio. These suites are also large enough to accommodate 2 or 3 large pets.

Luxury Suite

Our smallest but still comfortable suite is 8 X 4 feet inside with a door leading to the 8 X 4 foot outside patio. This suite can have either a Karunda bed or a soft padded or pillow bed.



View of Outside Runs


View Inside the Suites



Cat Accommodations
Boarding, Daycare & Grooming Price List


We have 3 different types of accommodations for our guest. All have doors that are see through so they
can enjoy the company of their fellow pets and observe the activities of our dedicated staff
. Our cat room also has several tall
2' scratching posts. If you desire we can take your pet out to exercise and play. All pets can view our colorful fish in
our 100 gal aquarium and look outside to check out all the birds at our bird feeders. A great way to spend the day or week.


. Our townhouse has a tempered glass door and measures 7’7” tall with a 30” X 30” outside dimension. It has 5 levels so that your cat can climb up and down and get plenty of exercise. It's lower level has a litter box in it for you cat. On one of the higher up levels we provide a comfy bed for your kittie.


Our standard cage is Stainless Steel and measures 24” X 30”. In both corners of the cage we have a litter box and a plush bed for you cat.
Our Villa is 4' tall 5' wide, and 3' deep. In the villa there are 2 selves inside for you kittie to climb and relax. On the ground we provide a litter box and a comfy bed for your kittie.



A 20% discount is available for the 2nd pet staying in the same suite.


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